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$10 Random Draw Scorholio Nights

No partner needed, just show up to play!

Our random draw nights offer players of all skill levels the chance to play at least 4 games a night in round robin format. No sign up needed, just bring $10 and you can play anytime you want!

The Barn

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Monday Nights

South Scoreholio Random Draw

Every Monday night from 7pm to 10pm

Only $10 a player!

The BARn

6218 Brodie Lane, Austin, Texas 78749, United States

(512) 694-1664

The Local Outpost Saloon


Wednesday Nights

Northwest Scoreholio Random Draw

Every Wednesday night from 7pm to 10pm

Only $10 a player!

The Local Outpost Saloon

13201 Pond Springs Road, Austin, Texas 78729, United States

(512) 394-6290

Full Circle Bar


Thursday Nights

East Scoreholio Random Draw

Every Thursday night from 7pm to 10pm

Only $10 a player!

Full Circle Bar

1810 East 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78702, United States

(512) 358-4350